Wood Burning Stoves in Farnham, Godalming and the Surrounding Areas | An Efficient, Stylish and Environmentally Friendly Choice

Are you looking to replace the fireplace of your current property? If so, a wood burning stove is a great alternative to gas and electric fires. These stoves generate heat by burning firewood in an enclosed chamber, avoiding the need for gas or electricity and, thereby, lowering your energy bills. Available in a range of finishes, styles and materials, such as steel or cast iron, these appliances suit both contemporary and traditional properties alike.


At our fireplace showrooms in Bagshot and Guildford, we supply a wide range of wood burning stoves from industry-leading brands, such as ACR, Oak Stoves and Pevex. We also offer a professional installation service to customers in Ascot, Camberley, Cobham, Farnham, Godalming, Sunningdale, Virginia Water, Woking and the surrounding areas.


Aside from saving you money on your heating bills, a wood burning stove provides several benefits.


Some of these include:


  • Energy Efficiency – Compared to other heating appliances, wood burners are extremely energy efficient. Most open fireplaces are roughly 25% efficient, whereas a wood burning stove is up to 80% efficient. Furthermore, burning wood as fuel is far cheaper than using oil, gas or electricity. Wood provides a kilowatt of heat per hour at a fifth of the cost of using electricity, and a third of the cost of either oil or gas
  • Environmentally Friendly – As wood is a carbon-neutral fuel, wood burning stoves can help you reduce your carbon footprint. And, if you really want to help reduce waste wood, you can source firewood produced through local tree surgery jobs or use offcuts from timber merchants
  • Unbeatable Ambience – There is nothing better, on a cold and wet winter’s day, than snuggling up in front of a warm fire. A wood burner not only provides plenty of heat, but you can also enjoy the spectacle of roaring flames, the sound of crackling logs and the aroma of species like oak and beech


If you are thinking about getting a wood burning stove for your home, come down to our fireplace showrooms in Bagshot or Guildford. At each location, we showcase many of the brands and products our company can source, supply and install.

Vermont Castings


As a company renowned for its environmentally friendly outlook, Vermont Castings provides homeowners with a convenient, stylish and ethical heat source. This helps you to lower your carbon emissions whilst enjoying the benefits of flawless design.


Some of the products we supply include:


  • Intrepid II
  • Resolute Acclaim
  • Encore 2-in-1
  • Defiant 2-in-1
  • Aspen


All wood burning stoves in this range have a variety of advanced, built-in features:


  • Thermostatic Controls
  • Catalytic Combustion Systems
  • “Airwash” Controls
  • Smokeless Top-Loading
  • Clean-Burn Technology
  • Infrared Reflective Glass
  • Easy Ash-Handling Models


In addition, all stoves have smoke exemption, which allows you to burn wood freely in smoke control areas.


The Vermont 2-in-1 system combines the benefits of traditional and catalytic wood burners into a single appliance.

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Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, the Burley range offers peerless fuel efficiency and clean burning. This is made possible through the use of a patent-pending method of airflow control, known as “Fireball”. This method enables us to offer the most efficient stoves in the world to customers in Ascot, Bagshot, Camberley, Cobham, Farnham, Godalming, Guildford, Sunningdale, Virginia Water, Woking and the surrounding areas.


  • Springdale 9103 (3kW)
  • Debdale 9104 (4Kw)
  • Hollywell 9105 (5kW)
  • Brampton 9108 (8kW)
  • Wakerley 9112 (12kW)



These represent the very best in high-quality cast iron wood burning stoves. All Pevex stoves have the CE mark and comply with EN13240 standards. Their timeless style, finish and design is simply second to none. This is one of the most popular branded products we supply at our fireplace showrooms.


  • Keddy (6-9kW)
  • Invicta (10-15kW)



These are incredibly efficient and come with important DEFRA exemption for smokeless zones, thanks to their use of clean-burning technology. The 5kW Inset Stove (16 x 22) fits virtually any standard, class-1 chimney and uses the TTi tertiary “airwash” system, for greater efficiency.

Capital Fireplaces


As a company trading for more than 20 years in appliances that burn fossil fuels, Capital Fireplaces firmly believes they should use those fuels as sparingly as possible. In line with this ethos, they design their wood burning and multifuel stoves to be highly efficient, to reduce the negative impact on the local environment.


  • Scene 490 (5kW)
  • Scene 790 (8.8kW)
  • Tucana 600 Inset (4.9kW)
  • Sigma 490 (5kW)
  • Sigma 790 (8.8kW)



Made in the UK and precision engineered, Jetmaster wood burning stoves have approval from DEFRA and offer a direct air supply, for added convenience. Every one of our Jetmaster stoves comes with a 5-year guarantee.


  • 16i Inset (3.6 kW)
  • 18i Inset (4.9 kW)
  • 50i Inset (6.5 kW)
  • 60i Inset (7.5 kW)
  • 70i Inset (10 kW)
  • 60i Low (6.5 kW)
  • 70i Low (8.5 kW)
  • 18f Freestanding (4.9 kW)
  • 60f Freestanding (6.9 kW)
  • 18q Freestanding (4.9 kW)

Adina Heating Products


This company designs and manufactures a wide range of wood burners, supplying them under the Jydepejsen A/S brand. Jydepejsen began in 1979 and continues to develop its designs, in order to optimise the use of fire as a source of heating. Ease of use and style are the core features of these stoves, which we find to be incredibly efficient.


  • Cosmo
  • Country
  • Cubic
  • Elegance
  • H530
  • Mido
  • Orion
  • ORO Panorama
  • Sirius
  • Senza
  • Troja


Whether you live in Ascot, Camberley, Cobham, Farnham, Godalming, Sunningdale, Virginia Water, Woking or the surrounding areas, Guildford Fireplaces will help you find the right appliance for your needs and budget.


Please navigate our website to see the full range of products and brands we offer.

Call our fireplace showrooms on 01276 686568 (Bagshot) or 01483 503333 (Guildford) for an extensive range of stylish and efficient wood burning stoves.

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