Fireplace Showrooms in Woking | Why Choose a Marble Fireplace for Your Home?

Are you planning to redecorate your home or perhaps to renovate a dilapidated property? If so, you might want to think about finding a stylish new fire surround. If a fireplace clashes with your décor, it can undo all of the hard work and money you’ve put into your refurbishment. However, the right surround can really tie the room together and serve as a focal point in your home.


At Guildford Fireplaces, we don’t just supply wood burning stoves, multifuel stoves and other heating appliances. We also stock an extensive range of surrounds at our fireplace showrooms. If you find something you like, our experienced gas fire installers will even come to your Woking home to fit it for you.


There are many different materials and styles of surrounds to choose from. On this page, we look at the benefits of marble fireplaces, which, in our professional opinion, are among the very best options.


  • Versatility – Throughout history, people have used marble for fire surrounds for a number of reasons. As a material, this natural stone suits grand, ornate designs just as well as simple and elegant structures. This makes it ideal for housing rustic wood burning stoves, modern electric fires and stylish multifuel stoves alike. At our fireplace showrooms in Bagshot and Guildford, we have marble fireplaces in a range of colours and styles, to suit any home in Woking
  • Durability – Natural stones, like limestone and marble, are incredibly durable. This means that a marble surround, fitted by our gas fire installers, can last a lifetime. And, if you choose something with a neutral colour or design, it will continue to act as a prominent feature of your Woking home, without clashing with any further interior design changes you make to the room
  • Heat Resistance – As a dense, hard stone, marble is extremely resistant to heat. This makes it the perfect choice for fireplaces housing gas or electric fires, wood burning stoves or multifuel stoves. In fact, our gas fire installers often fit marble surrounds at the same time as installing a new heating appliance. After all, some customers like to take full advantage of the quality products we have in stock at our fireplace showrooms
  • Visual Appeal – Marble is a material famed for its elegant and luxurious appearance. Used throughout the ages in both art and architecture, it adds a unique style to any property in Woking. A marble fireplace will draw the eye of visitors to your home, without clashing with the décor of your living room. What’s more, with a range of colours and styles available at our fireplace showrooms, you can pick the surround that best suits your taste, needs and budget
  • Low Maintenance – Our gas fire installers believe that one of the best things about marble fireplaces is how easy they are to clean. This is something they have noticed when installing new appliances, such as wood burning stoves and multifuel stoves around Woking. If you spill any liquids on a marble surround, or if it gets covered in soot, it is easily cleaned with a damp cloth


Are you in the market for a new fire surround? If so, our gas fire installers highly recommend our range of marble products.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we also offer a bespoke service to design and craft a marble fireplace tailored to your exact specifications.

Call our fireplace showrooms on 01276 686568 (Bagshot) or 01483 503333 (Guildford) for marble fireplaces in Woking. We also supply wood burning stoves and multifuel stoves.

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