Wood Burning Stoves in Virginia Water | User Benefits

Guildford Fireplaces operates from two independent fireplace showrooms in Surrey; one in Guildford and another in Bagshot. We use accredited gas fire installers to fit fireplaces for customers in Virginia Water, one of the region’s most prestigious towns. Some homeowners in the area opt for the rustic warmth and charm of our branded wood burning stoves, which we also install. Most wood burning and multi-fuel stoves we supply have DEFRA approval.


This allows their use in smoke-controlled zones. On this page, we list some of the many benefits our wood burning stoves bring to Virginia Water properties.



Wood burning stoves from our fireplace showrooms have an efficiency rating of up to 82%, which keeps heating bills at Virginia Water homes down but energy output up. Heat releases slowly thanks to the cast iron design of these stoves. This more traditional material allows heat to diffuse easily to create an even and rounded ambient room temperature.  This leads towards significant savings on annual household energy bills.


Environmental Benefits

The logs that you throw onto wood burning stoves at your Virginia Water home are an ethical and renewable fuel source. Burning wood is almost carbon neutral so you help to protect the environment whenever you come to Guildford Fireplaces. Stove and gas fire installers work to defining industry standards which also promote environmental care.  In most cases, logs for wood burning stoves come from sustainable sources where tree surgeons or forestry workers plant a new seed for each tree felled. Both of our fireplace showrooms stock a wide choice of ethical fuels for use on burners, stoves and appliances.


Warm and Inviting

Wood burning stoves, like multi-fuel stoves and gas fireplaces, offer warmth to heat up room space in Virginia Water homes. Wood burners, however, have a rustic charm of their own and deliver a cosy and inviting atmosphere where homeowners can relax in charming surroundings. They make the perfect addition to any property in the South East region.  The working displays in our fireplace showrooms, located in Guildford and Bagshot, give you a genuine feel for how an installation might look in your own home.


DEFRA Approval

We trade as an experienced team of gas fire installers for the whole of the Virginia Water area, and it’s our belief that there’s never been a better time to invest in wood burning stoves. Thanks to the addition of adaptive kits, these appliances can now be used in smoke-controlled zone across the UK without any concerns over contraventions in legislation. Guildford Fireplaces supply a wide range of stoves with DEFRA approval.


Safe Installations

The stove and gas fire installers at Guildford Fireplaces have all-important HETAS and Gas Safe accreditation. Personnel working on behalf of our company on projects in the Virginia Water area install gas fireplaces, multi-fuel stoves and wood burning stoves to a standard that reflects our own ongoing commitment to workplace safety and customer care. The legislation that governs our industry places a strong onus on good workmanship, but we have sufficient confidence in our gas fire installers to guarantee each and every fitting.



We have a wide range of wood burning stoves available for supply at our two popular fireplace showrooms, with our Bagshot branch being the closest to Virginia Water. Our sales personnel will happily talk you through the makes and models available. All stoves and fireplaces at our showrooms have competitive prices and full manufacturer warranties. If you can’t find a model you like in our working displays, please feel free to take away a brochure or a catalogue for viewing in the comfort of your own home.

Call 01276 686568 (Bagshot) or 01483 503333 (Guildford) to discuss fireplaces and wood burning stoves, fitted in Virginia Water by skilled gas fire installers.

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