Gas Fire Installers in Virginia Water | What to Expect from Our Installation Service

Sometimes, finding a reputable, reliable plumbing, gas or heating engineer can be just as difficult as finding an appliance you like. If you’ve already spent hours, days or weeks searching through websites, catalogues and brochures for new gas fires or wood burning stoves, the last thing you want to do is spend more time looking for someone to install it. Save yourself the hassle of both tasks by coming down to our fireplace showrooms. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect match for your home and, once you’ve chosen your appliance, we’ll even come and install it for you.


At Guildford Fireplaces, we have a dedicated team of accredited gas fire installers serving customers around Virginia Water. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, they can install gas fires, wood burners and multifuel stoves with ease.


So, whatever appliance you choose, it’s in the very safest hands with us.


Before Installation

Once you’ve completed your purchase, from either of our two fireplace showrooms in Bagshot and Guildford, we visit your property to undertake a full survey. This is when we ensure that your new appliance is the right choice for your home, taking detailed measurements and checking the suitability of the room. When you come to us for wood burning stoves, and other such appliances, we always do our best to help you find the most suitable product for your property. However, our gas fire installers still prefer to check over your home before we dive in with the installation, just to be safe.


This visit also serves as an initial consultation for customers in Virginia Water who are interested in bespoke fireplaces. This is another service we offer at our fireplace showrooms.


We design fireplace surrounds to your exact specifications, to perfectly accommodate gas or electric fires, wood burners and multifuel stoves.


In preparation for the installation of your new fireplace, stove or appliance, we may ask you to move furniture out the way to leave a clear working space. You may also want to remove any hearth rugs and to roll carpets back from the fireplace.


When installing fireplaces, multifuel or wood burning stoves in homes around Virginia Water, our gas fire installers always use dust sheets to cover carpets and items of furniture that won’t move or uplift. However, clearing the area as much as possible beforehand reduces the risk of accidental damage.


Like all good fireplace showrooms, however, we have the necessary insurance to cover any accidental damage that may occur when installing multifuel stoves and other appliances.


Installation Day

On the agreed date, and at the scheduled time, Guildford Fireplaces will send a team of gas fire installers to your Virginia Water home. We can handle everything from a simple like-for-like swap to more complex installations. When fitting multifuel stoves and wood burning stoves, for example, we may need to alter or install new pipework. Likewise, when fitting a new fireplace, it might be necessary to rectify or replace the flue, to ensure it meets the current safety regulations.


In addition to handling pipework, we undertake many other tasks, such as integrating chimney linings and twin-wall flue systems. In addition, we remove your current appliance and dispose of it in a responsible manner.


Please navigate our website for examples of recent installations we have carried out for satisfied customers in the local area.

Call 01276 686568 (Bagshot) or 01483 503333 (Guildford) to discuss fireplaces and wood burning stoves, fitted in Virginia Water by skilled gas fire installers.

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