Multi-Fuel and Wood Burning Stoves in Guildford and Bagshot

At Guildford Fireplaces, we install multi-fuel stoves and wood burning stoves for customers across four counties. Our company has stove showrooms on Walnut Tree Close in Guildford and on London Road in Bagshot (at the Longacres Garden Centre) where Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire and North Hampshire visitors can view a full range of stoves supplied to us by market-leading manufacturers – the products and brands you already know and trust.


If we don’t have the stove you are looking for on display, we have a full range of brochures and catalogues available for you to take away and view from the comfort of home.


In addition to Guildford and Bagshot, our stove showrooms supply and install for customers and clients in Ascot, Camberley, Cobham, Cranleigh, Esher, Farnham, Godalming, Horsham, Maidenhead, Oxshott, Sunningdale, Virginia Water, Windsor and Woking. As you can see, we have tremendous operational reach across the whole of the South East area.


Using an experienced team of installers with Gas Safe and HETAS accreditation, Guildford Fireplaces installs everything from contemporary freestanding and inset models to traditional cast iron multi-fuel stoves and wood burning stoves. This helps our company to plan a tailored fitting around the specifications and the current features of your property.


Most multi-fuel stoves and wood burning stoves require a lining for the chimney of your home. We integrate a flexible liner or a pre-fabricated twin-wall system into the quotation. We only use the best liners because quality varies. It is vital to use the best possible liner to ensure safety and performance with our stoves, and also to prevent condensation issues.


We take great pride in our work, and our installers promise to treat your home with the greatest of care whenever we fit multi-fuel stoves or wood burning stoves on your behalf. Our stove showrooms in Guildford and Bagshot extend the warmest of welcomes to all customers, old and new, and offer a personal brand of service that’s become our hallmark.popular with our customers.

Multi-Fuel Stoves | Complete Supply and Installation


Guildford Fireplaces supplies and installs a complete range of branded multi-fuel stoves. While we’re never short of modern and contemporary styles in our product range, many of our customers in the South East prefer the rustic charm of traditional stoves and their physical steel or cast iron appearances. We respect this, and continually research the many different manufacturers in our sector to bring you appliances that meet with your tastes.


Our Guildford and Bagshot stove showrooms stock or supply all of the brands listed below, and continue their great work in the Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire and North Hampshire areas by only sourcing market-leading products we know to be popular with our customers.

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ACR offers two ranges in its line of multi-fuel stoves. These stoves feature heavy-gauge steel models with cast iron doors, or full cast iron construction models. Each of these two ACR lines offers its own distinctive character and style. All ACR multi-fuel stoves have DEFRA approval, undergo design to last a lifetime and reflect the quality standards we aspire to.


Cast Iron Multi-Fuel Stoves


• Oakdale (5 kW)

• Ashdale (7 kW)

• Rowandale (5 kW)


Steel Multi-Fuel Stoves


• Earlswood (5 kW)

• Earlswood LS (5 kW)

• Hopwood (6 kW)

• Astwood (7 kW)





We see Pevex multi-fuel stoves as some of the most aesthetically-pleasing products to meet with the demands of our valued consumers. Built in steel to the most precise industry standards, Pevex stoves make a bold quality statement which homeowners in Guildford, Bagshot and the surrounding South East area find increasingly difficult to ignore.


In styles ranging from classic to contemporary, these stoves complement fireplace settings that are either plain or simple, and made from brick, wood or stone.  All Pevex stoves exceed minimum efficiency requirements and meet EN13240 European standards for safety. Pevex has more than 60 appliances to choose from, all of which meet DEFRA requirements.


Pevex Multi-Fuel Stoves


• Serenity – Includes inset and freestanding versions

• Suffolk Traditional – An affordable cast iron multi-fuel stove

• Bohemia – Stylish yet functional. Available in plain or decorative cast iron

• Bohemia X – With smoke control approval, adjustable feet and bolt-on flue collar/blanking plates





These clean burning multi-fuel stoves provide excellent heat output and efficiency, made possible by the use of advanced combustion and firebox technology. All FDC stoves comply with CE Standard EN13240 and EN13229 for safety. Designed and made in the UK, FDC stoves are notable for the use of an innovative and draught-controlled “airwash” system.


This ensures a clean burn and a lower carbon footprint, which in turn results in a greener environment and a cleaner glass front. Our stove showrooms in Guildford and Bagshot take environmental care seriously to tie in with the conscientious lifestyles of our customers.


FDC Multi-Fuel Stoves


• 4kW Freestanding Stoves



Capital Fireplaces


All Capital clean-burn and multi-fuel stoves undergo manufacture in cast iron or steel with a build that guarantees maximum durability and heat retention. Capital equips their stoves with large glass windows to ensure flames remain visible. All stoves utilise an advanced “airwash” system to keep the glass front clean and to reduce the need for maintenance.


We stock Capital’s Sirius multi-fuel stoves at our showrooms because of their versatility. Indeed, they work perfectly with a wide range of fuels (coal, wood coke, anthracite, peat or smokeless). This range is a popular choice with our many clients in the South East area.


Contemporary Multi-Fuel Stoves


• Qube 450

• Scene 490

• Scene 790

• Triton 450

• Volan 750


Traditional Multi-Fuel Stoves


• Essence 405

• Imperial 405

• Principal 405

• Quadrical 405

• Sigma 490

• Sigma 790

• Traditional Clean-Burn





Flavel stoves, amongst the cleanest, most efficient and easy-to-use in the current sales sector, have a simple design but still produce one of the lowest carbon monoxide emission levels we’ve seen. In fact, we’re proud to supply the best of the Flavel range from our two popular stove showrooms on Walnut Tree Close in Guildford and London Road in Bagshot.


If we don’t have the Flavel product you’re looking for on display, we stock manufacturer brochures and catalogues you can take away with you today.


Flavel Multi-Fuel Stoves


• Flavel Arundel Multi-Fuel Stove (4.9 kW)

• Flavel Dalton Multi-Fuel Stove (4.9 kW)

• Flavel Central Heating Stove (9.7 kW)

• Flavel No. 1 Multi-Fuel Stove (4.9 kW)

• Flavel No. 2 Multi-Fuel Stove (7 kW)





Made from heavy-duty steel, Sperrin multi-fuel stoves feature innovative “airwash” controls for a cleaner glass front, an optional back or top flue, good quality stainless steel handles and reliable fittings. These stoves also have high burn rates and integrated air-plus systems for optimal efficiency, and work fantastically well with a full range of different fuels.


Visit of stove showrooms for further help and advice on Sperrin stoves.


Sperrin Multi-Fuel Stoves


• Sp5 (5 kW)

• Sp8 (8 kW)





Jetmaster’s own “Pure-Burn” technology is the engine that drives an impressive range of multi-fuel stoves. In every unit, superheated air flows directly to the main chamber to reduce emissions and increase efficiency. These stoves allow customers in Guildford, Bagshot and the surrounding areas to choose the fuel that is exactly right for them.


Whether you use briquettes, coal, coal-fire or smokeless fuels, Jetmaster inset and freestanding stoves can burn them all. All of these units also work as wood burners.


Jetmaster Multi-Fuel Stoves


• 16i Inset (3.6 kW)

• 18i Inset (4.9 kW)

• 50i Inset (6.5 kW)

• 60i Inset (7.5 kW)

• 70i Inset (10 kW)

• 60i Low (6.5 kW)

• 70i Low (8.5 kW)

• 18f Freestanding (4.9 kW)

• 60f Freestanding (6.9 kW)

• 18q Freestanding (4.9 kW)



Adina Heating Products


Adina Heating Products is the renewable fuel appliance division of the Docherty Group. The multi-fuel range at our stove showrooms in Guildford and Bagshot includes the following:


• Hi-Flame – Clean-burn technology, traditional looks and terrifi¬c value

• Lasian – Burns biomass fuels of vegetable origin, solid, pelletized or shredded



Wood Burning Stoves | Rustic Charm and Warmth


Guildford Fireplaces supplies a stunning range of wood burning stoves from our recently-opened stove showroom in Bagshot, and our original fireplace showroom in Guildford. We install products from market-leading companies with outstanding reputations, and never sacrifice our own good name by supplying anything but the best for customers and clients.


Below, we showcase some of the many brands and products our company can supply. Don’t forget that Guildford Fireplaces installs wood burning stoves across four different counties at competitive local and regional rates; Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire and North Hampshire.



Vermont Castings


All stoves from Vermont Castings have a range of advanced in-built features. Their design makes using a new stove convenient and enjoyable. Installations from Vermont Castings, a company renowned for its environmentally-friendly outlook, provide homeowners with an ethical heat source that assists them in lowering the impact of their carbon footprint.


Features on wood burning stoves from Vermont Castings include catalytic combustion systems, thermostatic controls, “airwash” controls, smokeless top-loading, clean-burn technology, infrared reflective glass and easy ash-handling models. All stoves have smoke exemption, which allows you to burn wood freely in smoke-controlled zones.


The Vermont 2-in-1 system combines the benefits of traditional wood burning stoves and catalytic wood stoves into a single appliance.


Vermont Castings Wood Burning Stoves


• Intrepid II

• Resolute Acclaim

• Encore 2-in-1

• Defiant 2-in-1

• Aspen





Designed, developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, the Burley range offers peerless fuel efficiency and clean burning; both made possible through the use of a patent-pending method of airflow control known as “Fireball”. Through Burley Fireball, we offer the most efficient stoves in the world to customers in Guildford, Bagshot and the South East.


Burley Wood Burning Stoves


• Springdale 9103 (3kW)

• Debdale 9104 (4kW)

• Hollywell 9105 (5kW)

• Brampton 9108 (8kW)

• Wakerley 9112 (12kW)





These wood burning stoves represent the very best in high quality cast iron wood burning stoves. All Pevex stoves have the CE mark and comply with EN13240 standards. They come with timeless styling touches and a design that is quite simply second to none. Pevex is one of the most popular branded products supplied by our two stove showrooms in Surrey.


Pevex Wood Burning Stoves


• Invicta (10 to 15kW)

• Keddy (6 to 9 kW)





FDC wood burning stoves have high performance efficiency and come with important DEFRA exemption for smokeless zones thanks to their use of clean burning technology. This allows our Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire and North Hampshire customers to use the FDC range with confidence, and for us to supply them with confidence from our popular stove showrooms


FDC Multi-Fuel/Wood Burning Stoves


• 5kW Inset Stove (16 x 22) – Fits virtually any standard class 1 chimney and uses the TTi tertiary “airwash” system for greater efficiency



Capital Fireplaces


With more than 20 years in our sector, Capital Fireplaces firmly believes that because their products use fossil fuels, they ‘should use those fuels as sparingly as possible’. As part of this ethos, Capital Fireplaces designs its wood burning stoves to be highly efficient. This helps to reduce your own carbon footprint and any negative impact on the local environment.


Capital Fireplaces Wood Burning Stoves


• Scene 490 (5 kW) – Multi-fuel or wood burning only

• Scene 790 (8.8 kW) – Multi-fuel or wood burning only

• Tucana 600 Inset (4.9 kW)


Traditional Wood Burning Stoves


• Sigma 490 (5 kW) – Multi-fuel or wood burning only

• Sigma 790 (8.8 kW) – Multi-fuel or wood burning only





Made in the UK and precision engineered, Jetmaster wood burning stoves have approval from DEFRA and offer a direct air supply for extra convenience. Every one of our Jetmaster stoves comes with a five-year guarantee. Visit our fireplace showroom in Guildford or our stove showroom in Bagshot to see our stock line of models from the stylish Jetmaster range.


Alternative, pop in to collect a brochure or a catalogue and view from the comfort of home.


Jetmaster Wood Burning Stoves


• 16i Inset (3.6 kW)

• 18i Inset (4.9 kW)

• 50i Inset (6.5 kW)

• 60i Inset (7.5 kW)

• 70i Inset (10 kW)

• 60i Low (6.5 kW)

• 70i Low (8.5 kW)

• 18f Freestanding (4.9 kW)

• 60f Freestanding (6.9 kW)

• 18q Freestanding (4.9 kW)



Adina Heating Products


Adina designs and manufactures a wide range of wood burning stoves and supplies them under the Jydepejsen A/S brand. Jydepejsen began in 1979 and continues to work on the development of its designs so as to optimise the use of fire as a heating source. Ease of use and style are the core elements of these stoves, which we find to be incredibly efficient.


Jydepejsen products at our stove showrooms in Guildford and Bagshot include:


• Cosmo

• Country

• Cubic

• Elegance

• H530

• Mido

• Orion

• ORO Panorama

• Sirius

• Senza

• Troja


Wherever you happen to be, and whatever it is that you need to warm your home, Guildford Fireplaces supplies and installs the products you like. By working with the best branded multi-fuel and wood burning stoves in our sector, we fulfil our service promises to the customer and spread our excellent reputation across the whole of the South East region.

Call 01276 686568 (Bagshot) or 01483 503333 (Guildford) to discuss our products, or visit our fireplace showrooms to see multi-fuel stoves and wood burning stoves on display.

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