The Reputable Fireplace and Stove Showroom in Guildford

If you live in Surrey and take the warming of your home seriously, you probably know a little about Guildford Fireplaces already. We’re the popular fireplace showroom that doubles up as a stove showroom to bring customers the complete supply and installation service. A professional sales team and our own accredited gas fire installers work tirelessly on your behalf to deliver the branded products you need at the area’s most competitive prices.


Our original fireplace and stove showroom in Guildford now has a sister fireplace showroom in Bagshot but this page provides a focus on the products we supply from our original branch. We bring you the sector’s most stylish polished hardwood fireplaces, marble fireplaces and natural stone fireplaces, as well as multi-fuel stoves and wood burning stoves.


If you live in or around the Guildford area, we think it makes more sense to visit a single showroom where everything you need to warm your home, affordably and efficiently, falls under a single roof. Why waste time visiting several different shops to view fireplaces and stoves when you can see them all at Guildford Fireplaces without the heavy sales pitch?



Marble and Natural Stone Fireplaces


Our company works closely with the industry’s most respected suppliers to provide local customers with desirable marble fireplaces and natural stone fireplaces. Manufacturers use carefully selected stone to produce stunning fireplaces which they hand finish and build dry ahead of dispatch to ensure all individual pieces fit together seamlessly. Because colours and veins have natural variations, we can accurately claim our fireplaces to be unique.


Homeowners who visit our fireplace showroom in Guildford receive a free home visit so we can take measurements and plan the design around an accurate property specification. Next, we order marble fireplaces or stone fireplaces to the correct dimensions for prompt delivery to their homes. Upon receipt of ordered fireplaces, we make arrangements for our gas fire installers to attend properties for the subsequent modification and fitting work.


On the subject of our gas fire installers, we think there’s something every single one of our customers should know. Guildford Fireplaces never uses third-party companies or external subcontractors to complete its projects when things start to get busy. Our fireplace and stove showroom always uses gas fire installers directly employed by the company.


This helps us to install hardwood fireplaces, marble fireplaces and natural stone fireplaces to an exceptionally high standard, to provide a confident guarantee on our workmanship and to supply full manufacturer warranties with the opportunity to extend when making your initial purchase at our fireplace showroom – located at 113 Walnut Tree Close.



Multi-Fuel and Wood Burning Stoves


We know that some homeowners in the local area struggle in their decision over multi-fuel stoves or wood burning stoves. This reflects in national installation statistics for stoves, with 59% of property owners in the UK choose wood burning stoves compared to 41% opting for a multi-fuel version. Not quite a half-and-half split, but not too far from it. So what is it that helps them in making a final buying choice on a visit to our stove showroom in Guildford?


Surprisingly, the final decision nearly always rests on the fuels available to customers. The environmentally-conscious homeowner with a natural supply of logs and kindling from their own land usually opts from our selection of branded wood burning stoves. Those in close proximity to one of our fireplace showrooms often choose one of our multi-fuel stoves.


This owes much to the fact that Guildford Fireplaces stocks a wide range of alternative fuels to logs and hardwood, such as smokeless coal, olive briquettes and torrefied heat logs. Because so many of our fireplaces and stoves have approval from DEFRA, homeowners never need to worry about emissions even if they live in a smoke-controlled area.


Multi-fuel stoves and wood burning stoves without DEFRA approval can usually undergo modification with a conversion kit, fitted by gas fire installers with Gas Safe and HETAS accreditation. With a kit, these stoves comply with the Clean Air Act 1993 to help our many Guildford and Surrey customers avoid the risk of an unwelcome £1000.00 fine.

Call 01276 686568 (Bagshot) or 01483 503333 (Guildford) to discuss fireplaces and stoves with the friendly teams at either of our two Surrey showrooms.

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