Scheduled Servicing from Gas Fire Installers in Surrey

At Guildford Fireplaces, we continue providing great ongoing service for our valued Surrey customers long after the initial installation takes place. If you have chosen our company to install a gas fire, there’s a chance you’ll be able to meet your team of gas fire installers again in the future because we perform scheduled gas fire servicing throughout the Surrey area.

Our accreditedgas fire installers comply with Gas Safe and HETAS legislation, so you’ll always receive modern servicing, repair and maintenance services which meet today’s defining industry standards. Guildford Fireplaces can service any type of gas fire, anywhere in the Surrey area, to ensure safe and efficient ongoing performance of the appliance.

A full annual service from our gas fire installers also helps to minimise the potential for breakdowns, and allows us to identify any minor repair work needed before worn or damaged components become a more expensive issue.

We advise our Guildford and Surrey customers that annual gas fire servicing is of major importance. In addition to prolonging the life of the appliance, it also reduces the prospect of your gas fire malfunctioning and leaking potentially life-threatening fumes. Carbon monoxide poisoning contributes to approximately 40 deaths in the UK each year.

A further 200 people are hospitalised annually through inhaling carbon monoxide.

If you happen to be a landlord with properties in Guildford or the surrounding Surrey area, you are obliged to have gas fires serviced annually for the welfare of your tenants and to qualify for a valid landlord’s certificate. Our gas fire installers can provide you with the vital services you need to keep appliances working and to potentially save lives.

A typical gas fire service includes:

  • Closing down of the gas supply before work begins
  • Removal of the glass front and the door assembly
  • Cleaning the door assembly
  • Inspecting and cleaning the burner and catalysts
  • Removal and cleaning of the burner unit and pipework
  • Full reassembly of removed parts and components
  • Restoring the gas supply and testing for leaks
  • Complete check of the ventilation system
  • Reigniting the gas fire and testing the pressure setting
  • Full check for safe appliance operation

Visit our showroom in Guildfordto discuss gas fire servicing, or call 01483 503333 for a personal visit from our gas fire installers, anywhere in the Surrey area.

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