Gas Fireplaces and Wood Burning Stoves in Cranleigh

Guildford Fireplaces has two welcoming fireplace showrooms in Surrey, and both outlets extend the warmest of welcomes to visitors from all parts of the South East region. These showrooms, located in Guildford and Bagshot, already have many customers from nearby Cranleigh. We work tirelessly to keep homeowners abreast of the differences between gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves, but both add the most inviting welcome to any home.


A personalised fitting from our gas fire installers provides energy-efficient heating on cold nights and the glowing touch of romance for special evenings alone with your loved one.


When recommending fireplaces, our salespersons and gas fire installers point Cranleigh customers towards the best branded products in our sector. The teams at our fireplace showrooms usually suggest that you buy gas fireplaces or wood burning stoves that tie in with the current home décor. Should you ever sell your property, fireplaces and stoves become more than just features. They also add market value to homes as investments.


Decide which of our gas fireplaces or wood burning stoves you want to buy, and our gas fire installers take care of the rest. Our accredited Gas Safe and HETAS engineers receive ongoing training to stay compliant with industry standards. We understand the important of setting standards, because standards go a long way to preserving the excellent reputation of our two fireplace showrooms. Our Guildford branch is less than 10 miles from Cranleigh.



Gas Fireplaces and Wood Burning Stoves Compared


The technology behind gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves is simple with both. Gas fireplaces consist of a natural or propane gas burner with simulated logs enclosed in a special firebox. Most of these fireplaces have a glass front to view the fire and, by flicking a switch, you automatically create heat inside your Cranleigh home. Fireplaces come in a range of different surrounds, including marble, natural stone and polished hardwood.


The design of modern wood burning stoves requires a connection via a ventilation pipe to the flue. The flue fills with hot combustible gas once the user ignites a fuel source.


Wood burning stoves leave fuel debris behind, and part of their rustic charm is the natural wear they endure to make a home look more traditional. Gas fireplaces take much longer to show signs of wear and provide homeowners with a much cleaner heat source. The gas fire installers working for Guildford Fireplaces have the skills needed to fit both appliances.


The majority of fireplaces sold at our fireplace showrooms run on gas. They provide more convenience compared to wood burning stoves and deliver a constant source of warmth exactly when you want it. And, with direct vent fireplaces, gas has very little chance of escaping into your Cranleigh home. That said, wood burning stoves provide one of the safest sources of heat, and eliminate the worries some customers have about potential gas leaks.


When vented outside by our trained team of gas fire installers, fireplaces only emit limited levels of emissions. This makes them a sound choice for conscientious customers in the Cranleigh area torn between fireplaces and wood burning stoves on environmental issues.


At Guildford Fireplaces, we supply a complete range of branded gas fireplaces and wood burning stoves, always at competitive prices. Our company also supplies and fits multi-fuel stoves. And, because we operate from two of the best fireplace showrooms to cover the Cranleigh area, our business never, ever fails to provide the services its customers need.

Call 01276 686568 (Bagshot) or 01483 503333 (Guildford) to discuss fireplaces and wood burning stoves, fitted in Cranleigh by skilled gas fire installers.

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