Wood Burning Stoves in Camberley | The Environmentally Friendly Heating Appliance

In recent years, the general public has become increasingly concerned with environmental issues, sustainability and reducing carbon footprints. From public transport to food shopping, many of us now pay more attention to the choices we make, in the hopes of lowering our individual impact on the natural environment. This is something that even extends to the way we heat our homes.


That is why Guildford Fireplaces stocks and supplies a wide range of multifuel stoves and wood burning stoves, at our fireplace showrooms, to cater for our conscientious customers in Camberley.


And, for the complete experience, our Gas Safe and HETAS accredited gas fire installers can remove your current, inefficient heating appliance and dispose of it in a responsible manner. Whether you are upgrading to a more eco-friendly system throughout your house, or simply swapping out your gas or electric fire for a wood burner, we handle every aspect of the installation.


This includes any structural changes we may need to make to your chimney, as well as the adjustment or removal of any existing pipework.



The Benefits of Wood Burning Stoves


Just like multifuel stoves, wood burners have grown increasingly popular among homeowners throughout Camberley, in recent years. Not only do they provide heating at a lower cost than electric and gas fireplaces, but they also make a stunning focal point in any living room. Whether you choose a traditional, cast iron wood burner or one with a more contemporary design, our fireplace showrooms stock an impressive assortment of branded models to suit any property. Simply choose the appliance you like, and our accredited gas fire installers will come to your home and fit it.


Did you know that roughly 1.5 million homes across the UK already have a wood burning stove?


This is, in part, because homeowners in places like Camberley believe this appliance reduces their environmental impact. After all, with gas and electric fires, much of the energy you use comes from burning carbon-heavy fossil fuels. Wood burning stoves, however, and even multifuel stoves from our fireplace showrooms, burn a far more sustainable resource.


  • Carbon Neutral – You may think that as burning wood releases CO2, a wood burner is just as harmful for the atmosphere as burning fossil fuels. However, this amount of carbon dioxide is offset by the significant amount of CO2 that the tree absorbed during its growth. Therefore, you are not releasing any extra CO2 into the atmosphere. This makes wood burning stoves carbon neutral
  • Cheaper than Other Energy Sources – Plenty of homeowners in Camberley still come to our fireplace showrooms for gas or electric fireplaces, which our gas fire installers fit for them. However, while they are a popular choice, these appliances often result in higher energy bills than using wood burners or multifuel stoves. This is especially true for properties that are off the gas grid, meaning that you have to rely on oil or liquid propane gas. Both alternatives are far more expensive than the cost of firewood
  • Reduces Wood Waste – Using firewood from managed woodlands helps create jobs in woodland management and actually incentivises landowners to manage their woodland. This also has a positive effect on the local wildlife. Furthermore, using wood sourced from local tree surgery jobs, or offcuts from timber yards, helps to cut back on wood waste


At Guildford Fireplaces, our gas fire installers supply and fit a wide range of eco-friendly appliances.

Call our fireplace showrooms on 01276 686568 (Bagshot) or 01483 503333 (Guildford) for eco-friendly wood burning stoves, multifuel stoves and fireplaces in Camberley.

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