Multi-fuel Stoves and Wood Burning Stoves in Camberley

At Guildford Fireplaces, we supply a wide range of stoves to customers in Camberley via our two fireplace showrooms in Bagshot and Guildford. Some homeowners we encounter wish to purchase our multi-fuel stoves or wood burning stoves and install themselves, rather than taking advantage of our fast and efficient fitting service. This is often a measure based on perceived budget rather than any former installation skills these customers might have.


While there are no regulations preventing DIY installations, in Camberley or elsewhere, there are plenty of things to consider before fitting multi-fuel stoves or wood burning stoves yourself. These installations must always comply with Part J of the Building Regulations. In addition, work requires a building notice through a local authority before commencement.


Upon completion of an installation, you must have the work signed off and certified by a competent person, such as an accredited Gas Safe and HETAS installer. Fuels produce carbon monoxide which, left unchecked, could be deadly. For safety purposes, and to reduce the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning, this requires the fitting of a flue at the same time any homeowner or engineer installs multi-fuel stoves or wood burning stoves.


It pays for our Camberley customers to heed the advice provided by our popular fireplace showrooms. Approximately 40 people in the UK die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning and a further 200 undergo hospital treatment. We think these statistics are enough for any homeowner to make the right choice, and to only use an approved installer.



Choosing the Right Flue Liner


If you do decide to press on with your own installation and need professional help and advice after purchasing one of our multi-fuel stoves or wood burning stoves, we will be only too glad to help. One particular thing for DIY enthusiasts to note is the type of flue liner needed to suit their choices of stoves. Two major considerations for most of the Camberley homeowners we meet are energy efficiency and lowering the overall cost of utility bills.


The efficiency of any appliance depends on choosing the correct flue and on positioning multi-fuel stoves or wood burning stoves at the right openings. If these elements of the installation don’t match up, Camberley properties waste energy which, of course, is the opposite effect to what customers at our two fireplaces showrooms actually want.


Stoves and fires are fairly simple in performance. Users feed solid fuel or wood into the chamber and set it alight. The exhaust fumes and smoke escape up the flue and release outside of the home. After any installation, it is vital that no heat escapes through gaps or cracks caused by a lack of knowledge, or as a result of shoddy and inferior workmanship


Stoves create an enormous amount of heat which, if allowed to escape, could cause a fire.

If you have any questions about the installation of multi-fuel stoves or wood burning stoves, please do not hesitate to get in touch with either of our fireplace showrooms. Both branches have easy accessibility from Camberley and, while we always recommend that you use an accredited installer, our company always does its utmost to provide good advice.


We want you to enjoy our stoves, and the rustic charm and warmth they provide, in safety.

Call 01276 686568 (Bagshot) or 01483 503333 (Guildford) to find out more about multi-fuel and wood burning stoves for your Camberley property.

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